Splendide Washer for RV


A 24-inch-wide washer that fits in a hallway closet or under a kitchen counter, the WFL1300XD is easy to use and fits where taller washers won't. Designed to work with our DV6400X dryer, the WFL1300XD can be installed side-by-side or placed under the dryer. It has a classic cycle button and modern digital display as well as an extra-wide door opening. Detergent, bleach and fabric softener are added automatically during the wash cycle. Variable spin speeds and a double-spinning drum run quietly to minimize fabric wrinkling and remove most moisture from fabrics.

_ Dimensions: Width 23-1 / 2 "x Depth 22-3 / 4" x Height 32-7 / 8 "to 33-3 / 8" ((adjustable)

_ Cycles: 12 washes, 1 cleaning
_ Max. Spin speed: 1200 rpm
_ Buttons: Start / Pause, Water temperature, Spin speed, Super Wash / Mute, Prewash, Extra rinse, Delayed start and Post-cycle maintenance / Key lock
_ Additional features: automatic water level, automatic load balancing, end-of-cycle chime and self-cleaning lint filter

_ Warranty: one year limited