Splendide 2-in-1 washer-dryer

From heavily soiled jeans to delicate silks and wools, the Splendid WDV2200XCD makes your laundry clean and dry in half the space! A 24-inch wide washer and ventilated dryer in one, the Splendide WDV2200XCD is resource efficient and easy to use. It features a classic cycle button, modern digital display, and extra-wide door opening for easy loading and unloading. During the wash cycle, the dispenser drawer adds detergent, bleach and fabric softener at the right time. When drying, the variable spin speed and a double spinning drum work together to minimize fabric wrinkling and maximize drying performance.

_ Dimensions: Width 23-1 / 2 "x Depth 22-5 / 8" x Height 33 "to 33-3 / 8" (adjustable leveling)

_ Cycles: 9 washes, 3 dries, 1 cleaning
_ Max. Spin speed: 1200 rpm
_ Buttons: Start / Pause, Water temperature, Spin speed, Super Wash / Mute, Prewash, Low heat, Delayed start and Timed drying / Key lock
_ Additional features: automatic water level, automatic load balancing, end-of-cycle chime and self-cleaning lint filter

_ Warranty: one year limited