Rainy days

Rainy day? What to do inside your RV ...

There is always something you want to change, fix or add to your RV to make your RV trips more enjoyable. Why not take advantage of the rainy days to get rid of these spots!

Here are some examples of useful things you can do inside your RV on a rainy day.

  • Replace your burnt out bulbs. Consider using the new LED bulbs.
  • Repair loose or broken door and drawer locks. Make sure these don't open while you are traveling down the road.
  • Remove and clean the interior filters of your air conditioner. These filters get dirty quickly and can hinder indoor air circulation if not cleaned regularly.
  • Clean the inside of your RV windows.
  • Rearrange the items in your cupboards. Several fitting systems exist on the market to facilitate the organization of your storage spaces.
  • Add hooks for your hats, coats, keys, etc. this way you will keep your living spaces uncluttered.
  • Make a list of the things you need to buy for your RV. There is always something missing!
  • Plan your next trip! Select a destination, make the selection of routes, the selection of stopovers for rest and meals, the selection of refueling stops and the research of what you want to do or visit while there.
  • Play board games. Nothing better to have fun as a couple or as a family! For the little ones, organize a treasure hunt!
  • Why not “pimp” your RV? Give it a little bit of youth by covering some cushions and why not repaint your cupboards!
  • If you are on a campground, check the schedule of activities. The majority of campsites have organized activities and / or playrooms.


Have a nice trip!